Tervetuloa P15 Vihreän sivuille!
Julkaistu: 30.10.2020 00.00

Tervetuloa P15 Vihreän sivuille!

TPV P15 Vihreä tarjoaa ympärivuotista harrastetoimintaa. Jos haluat mukaan ota yhteys joukkueenjohtaja Erja Koljoseen p.046 895 0563 bukragalleria@gmail.com

-This low budget, talented and multicultural football team is ALWAYS LOOKING FOR NEW PLAYERS in the Tampere area.

You can come for a try out in our trainings -the first weeks are free.

We play football from May to October in Palloliiton series. In this 2021 winter we have many 11v11 rehearsalgames in big field and monthly we go to play in Masku 8v8.

The team consists mostly of players born in 2006, but players born in 2007 can also come for try-outs. We have space for 2005 -born players too. Check our calender.